A market leader in performance marketing, the DSP Display Optimization Platform offers advertisers low risk, high gain advertising solutions, optimizing all Performance Models, targeting and Retargeting of audiences over PC and Mobile media. Define your bottom line objectives, be it leads, sales or brand parameters, and we will help you reach your goals and eventually to exceed them.

Advertisers' Benefits
  • International network with more than 20 billion impressions per month
  • ROI-based advertising: CPM, CPC, CPL ,CPA, dCPM, CPE models
  • Algorithmic and manual real time campaign optimization
  • Unique proven targeting and re-targeting methodologies
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Coverage of all geographies and verticals
  • Multiple click-fraud and impression-fraud detection mechanisms
  • Automatic creative adaptation and optimization
  • Reaching 90% of internet users
  • Real Time Bidding (RTB) and Behavioral Targeting support
  • Accurate and detailed reporting
  • All banner sizes

Campaign Performance Models DSP's proprietary multiple tracking systems enable advertisers to work in every performance model they prefer.

  • CPM, CPC, CPL, CPA - choose the fitting model for your ROI measurement
  • dCPM with CPA target model - pay for results without forfeiting premium media
  • CPE - Cost per Engagement - you define the engagement you need,
    we measure and optimize it

Learn more about how to apply performance models best to achieve your goal at your desired ROI at CPM, CPC, CPL ,CPA, dCPM, CPE models.

RetargetingTarget the users who already told you they are interested! Retargeting is an advertising pattern in which visitors to a certain website are marked or tagged using a pixel. These visitors are then served relevant ads through various media sources, encouraging them to complete the process they began on the website they previously visited.
Retargeting not only creates higher revenues by attracting the already-interested audience,
but also improves the ROI of the rest of your online campaigns.
Don't lose the audience you've already paid for!

Learn more about Retargeting from our experts.

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Mobile Advertising Extend your reach into mobile media and run PC & mobile integrated campaings, or opt for mobile inventory only.

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